December 1, 2020 is Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, December 1st is Giving Tuesday. Please help us to reach our goal to raise at least $5,000. Your support will help us to rescue rabbits that have been abandoned, abused, and neglected. Your gift will help us to spay/neuter and vaccinate Twix and her 8 kits and Clarabelle’s 7 kits, pay for ongoing medical care for rabbits like Valentina, Raffi, Kiki, Domino, and Midnight. 2020 has been a very difficult year with the pandemic causing the shelters to close in our local area and not take in rabbits. Without a shelter open for the public to take these rabbits to, we have taken in an overwhelming amount of rabbits. This has created a financial hardship for us to cover all the medical expenses involved. How can we say no to homeless rabbits some of which are sick and injured? How can we not help them? While the pandemic has caused wide spread devastation to so many people the ones who have been left behind and forgotten are the rabbits. We are a small rescue. The amount of rabbits that are being abandoned since the pandemic has increased dramatically. We’ve managed to find foster homes through the kindness of the public but now we need financial help if we are to continue. Once we pay for our outstanding Veterinary bills we will be out of funds. We could really use your help with a gift of any amount.


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