Rabbits Touch Our Hearts

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Designed in honor of Angelic and rabbits like her that are abandoned, neglected, and abused.

Angelic touched the hearts of people around the world. Donations for her care came in throughout the United States, Sweden, Germany, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Singapore, Canada and Australia. This one tiny precious rabbit touched the hearts of so many.

Angelic was abandoned outside, severely emaciated and with ear mites so severe that she can’t hold one of her ears up. Her ears are both infected. Several days later we came across another rabbit abandoned in a parking lot. Tanooki was left out in the rain with no food to eat. He has been caught and is safe but currently requires medical treatment for gastrointestinal stasis.

Proceeds from this t-shirt fundraiser will go towards spay/neuter and medical expenses for rabbits. Rabbits, touching hearts around the world. Purchase a t-shirt today to show your support for rabbits in need.

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