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Darling was rescued from a neighborhood colony and was pregnant. She gave birth on 2/6/24 and lovingly raised and took care of her 4 babies. Darling now deserves a loving home to take care of her! She is a sweet but shy girl who loves her treats and hidey homes. A quiet home with a...
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Dutch is a sweet boy that was abandoned in a field. He is shy but curious and needs a loving indoor home to bring out his darling personality. Dutch is learning about the ins and outs of being a house bunny and loves to take naps in his hay!
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Rosie is 8 weeks of age as of 2/7/24. Her Mama Biscuit was rescued from Las Vegas after she was abandoned with 22 other rabbits on a property. Rosie can be adopted with a $100.00 deposit which will be refunded once she's spayed at 20 weeks of age. Rosie would love to be adopted and...
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Cookie is 8 weeks old as of 2/7/2024. Her Mom was rescued from Las Vegas after she was abandoned with several other rabbits on a property. Shortly after receiving Mama Biscuit, she gave birth to 5 babies. Cookie is a fuzzy lop. Her fur has to be brushed every other day to prevent matting. Cookie...
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