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Peter Pan

Peter Pan is one of Darling's babies. He was born on 2/6/24. With his floppy ears this boy is adorable. He likes being held and cuddled but also loves his tunnels! He hops to the tune of his own song and can be super chill then hyper. He likes to sleep splooted out and binkies...
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Wendy is one of Darlings babies. She was born 2/6/24. As the only girl in the litter, she can hold her own and independence to match! She is distinguishable by her adorable beauty mark. A darling girl who likes to explore but can be nervous and loves to flop. Don’t be fooled by her cuteness...
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Darling was rescued from a neighborhood colony and was pregnant. She gave birth on 2/6/24 and lovingly raised and took care of her 4 babies. Darling now deserves a loving home to take care of her! She is a sweet but shy girl who loves her treats and hidey homes. A quiet home with a...
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Benny is an energetic rabbit that loves to do zoomies as much as he can. He is about 6-8 months old. He has had a rough start in life with receiving some injuries to his ear and his eye. The eye injury has caused an inoperable cataract that will eventually cause him to be blind...
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