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Abigail is fearless, bold, and brave. She will do what she wants when she wants and is very curious. She explores without fear! She loves her tunnel and chew toys. She would do best in a house that will embrace her free roaming desires. Abigail needs to go to a home without young children. Abigail,...
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Bonded to Lexi and adopted 9/2023!   When we rescued Turtle from a research lab, she earned her name because she was too scared to come out of the carrier for 2 days. Now Turtle is one of the friendliest and most loving bunnies her foster family has ever known. She loves snuggles and attention, and REALLY...
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Whisper is a beautiful 9 pound New Zealand White rabbit, and is a rescue from a testing lab right here in Northern California. At about 1.5 years old currently, Whisper spent the first year of her life being poked and prodded at by humans. Miraculously, she made it out to the other side and has...
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Phoenix has a gentle docile personality. She is the size of a cat so if you ever wanted a big bunny she's the gal for you! She is 100% litter box trained and likes to hang out in her hidey very peacefully or enjoys window watching. She is peaceful with her bunny room mates and enjoys binkies for...
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