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Addie was rescued from a horrible neglect case. She came from the same home as Rupert, Spotify, and Butterscotch. Addie had a jaw abscess and was very thin when we rescued her. She is recovered but because she is missing some teeth on one side she isn't able to eat timothy hay, instead she eats...
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Rasberry is one of Persimmons kits from her 2nd litter. She is very curious and loves to explore. She comes off as shy but withing a frw hrs of spending time with her she will flop right next to you. She loves all bunnies and would love to be adopted with one of her siblings...
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Persimmon is such a sweet mama bun! She likely has had back to back litters while living outside roaming in a neighborhood. She gave birth in a pedestrians garage and put them in a vase. And then 4 weeks later she had another litter! Female rabbits can get pregnant the same day they give birth!...
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Hollie & Jollie

Hollie & Jollie are sisters. These two darling girls are Dollies babies. They are very playful and love pets. They are bonded and need to be adopted together. They get along with the dog in their foster home and great with kids. Both have great litter box habits. They are both spayed and vaccinated against...
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